Iggy Remote is a beautiful home control experience for your iPad.


Choose from beautiful photos of your family, frends, or pets.

Design a new experience by bringing beautiful vistas from the outdoors into your home.

Complete the look of your home theater with images of the quality equipment that brings great audio and visuals into your home.

Control thousands of devices to adjust lighting, temperature, audio,  video, and even the garage door.


The Main Screen

Maybe all you want to see when you first startup is a beautiful vista with the time and temperature.

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Choose Your Path

Do you want to Watch TV or look at your security cameras?  Maybe you're done for the night and want to push a single button to turn off devices, adjust the temperature, and lower the lights after one minute--giving you just enough time to slip into bed.

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Control Your TV - Your Way

Put just the buttons you need on a screen.  Set the top half of the screen to common gestures such as swiping left or right to skip past commercials.  And, swipe up or down on the "Volume Swipe" area to increase or decrease the volume. 

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Every Light On One Screen

Put every light in your house one one screen to quickly see if you left one on somewhere or want to turn them all off with a single button.

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Showcase Your Family

Whether you want to adjust the temperature or lower the lights before movie time, let the ones you love be front and center. 

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Showcase Your Equipment or Your Next Vacation

Whatever image you want becomes the backdrop for controlling you experience.

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