The easiest way is to watch the Introduction and Getting Started videos in our videos section.

To fully utilize the features of Iggy Remote, make sure you have one or more of the supported devices and have configured them to work on your network.

How do I save the remote?

The current remote is automatically saved every time the menu disappears if there have been any changes.  If the remote is stored in iCloud, changes may take a few minutes until they appear on other devices.

Why does the background image sometime take a while to appear?

When opening a new iCloud document, background images have to be loaded from the cloud. Some times this takes awhile.  Instead of making you wait until the image is completely downloaded, the previous image remains until the new image has loaded.  If you are not sharing the document with other devices, consider moving it to the device (under the file menu) to remove this delay.

How do I add more buttons?

See menu item Format -> Page Size.  Anytime you need more buttons on the screen, just add another row or column. There is no hard limit to the number of rows or columns.  However, if you add too many buttons on a page, it will be more difficult to touch small buttons and that page will become less responsive on older devices.

What options do I have for the background?

See menu item Format -> Page Format.  There is a default image for each background, but you can change it to any image you have stored in your Photos application.  If you don’t want any image, you can set the background color to a solid color.  If you set the background color to be partially transparent then the chosen background image will partially seen. 


What options are there for customizing the look of buttons?

See menu item Format -> Button Format.   Colors and transparency can be adjusted for normal and pressed states and the font and size can be set.

Button Color Examples.png

What options are there for customizing colors?

See menu items Format -> Button Format or Format -> Button Defaults or Format -> Page Format.

The main color page has a quick selection of various colors.


The button to the right of the selected color allows adding this color to your favorites.  This is helpful when you customize a particular color and want to refer to it later.

The buttons at the bottom from left to right are:
1.  Show Favorites
2.  Show colors variations
3.  Edit color by varying saturation, luminosity, hue, and transparency.  There is also a spot sample button to allow choosing any color visible on the screen.  This is useful to match background image colors.