Iggy Remote supports specific devices to control your home.  To utilize the full power of Iggy Remote, please make sure you have one or more of these devices.

The Global Caché iTach Flex allows Iggy Remote to control thousands of devices using over 150,000 IR remote codes.

And, if your code is not listed, you can learn codes from your existing remote control.


isy994i copy.jpg

The Universal Devices ISY994i Insteon Controller combined with the SmartHome Dual-Band Power Line Module allows Iggy Remote to control your Insteon devices.


CT50_noback1 copy.png

The Radio Thermostat Company of America model CT-50 provides control over WiFi or through the internet.  Iggy Remote has the ability to display the room temperature from this thermostat as well as adjust the target temperature.

onkyo_front_large copy.jpg

Iggy Remote supports over 75 commands to these Onkyo receivers

DHC-40.1, DHC-60.5, DHC-80.1, DHC-80.2, DHC-80.3, DHC-9.9, DTC-7, DTC-9.1, DTC-9.4, DTC-9.8, DTR-10.5, DTR-20.1, DTR-20.2, DTR-20.3, DTR-20.4, DTR-30.1, DTR-30.2, DTR-30.3, DTR-30.4, DTR-30.5, DTR-4.5, DTR-4.6, DTR-4.9, DTR-40.1, DTR-40.2 DHC-40.2, DTR-40.3, DTR-40.4, DTR-40.5, DTR-5.2, DTR-5.3, DTR-5.4, DTR-5.5, DTR-5.6, DTR-5.8, DTR-5.9, DTR-50.1, DTR-50.2, DTR-50.3, DTR-50.4, DTR-50.5, DTR-6.2, DTR-6.3, DTR-6.4, DTR-6.5, DTR-6.6, DTR-6.8, DTR-6.9, DTR-60.5, DTR-7.1, DTR-7.2, DTR-7.3, DTR-7.4, DTR-7.6, DTR-7.7, DTR-7.8, DTR-7.9, DTR-70.1, DTR-70.2, DTR-70.3, DTR-70.4, DTR-8.2, DTR-8.3, DTR-8.4, DTR-8.8, DTR-8.9, DTR-80.1, DTR-80.2, DTR-80.3, DTR-9.1, DTR-9.9, DTX-5.8, DTX-5.9, DTX-7, DTX-7.7, DTX-7.8, DTX-8.8, DTX-8.9, DTX-9.9, HT-RC550, HT-RC560, NR-365, PR-SC5507, PR-SC5508, PR-SC5509, PR-SC885, PR-SC886, RDC-7, RDC-7.1, TX-DS787, TX-DS797, TX-DS898, TX-DS989, TX-DS989, TX-NA1000, TX-NA900, TX-NA905, TX-NA906, TX-NA906X, TX-NR1000, TX-NR1007, TX-NR1008, TX-NR1009, TX-NR1010, TX-NR3007, TX-NR3008, TX-NR3009, TX-NR3010, TX-NR414, TX-NR5000E, TX-NR5007, TX-NR5008, TX-NR5009, TX-NR5010, TX-NR509, TX-NR515/515AE, TX-NR525, TX-NR579, TX-NR609, TX-NR616/616AE, TX-NR626, TX-NR708, TX-NR709, TX-NR717, TX-NR727, TX-NR807, TX-NR808, TX-NR809, TX-NR818/818AE, TX-NR828, TX-NR900, TX-NR901, TX-NR905, TX-NR906, TX-NR929, TX-SA706, TX-SA706X, TX-SA805, TX-SA806, TX-SA806X, TX-SA875, TX-SA876, TX-SR702, TX-SR703, TX-SR705, TX-SR706, TX-SR707, TX-SR803, TX-SR804, TX-SR805, TX-SR806, TX-SR875, TX-SR876